Pop In A Box A Funko Pop Subscription Service
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Pop In A Box A Funko Pop Subscription Service

Do you love collecting funko pops? Me too! In fact I love it so much I get three random ones every single month, I have no idea what they are but I know I’m going to love them when they do arrive!

So I’m talking about a subscription service that I’ve been using for a couple of months, Pop in a box is it’s name and I’m a little addicted. If you’re new to Pop in a box and never heard of them before use the links in the post, it’s a referral link and it’ll get you 20% off when you spend £30 or more, which is easy to do!

Pop In A Box Subscription Service

So what is Pop in a box? Well it’s a subscription service as it says but one with a purpose. I say that because I’ve done other subscription services like lootcrate and hated it.

I never got what I wanted and just felt that I’d wasted so much money after a few months and it was depressing! So that’s why I found something that would work. With pop in a box you’re able to pick all the funko pops that you want and pick all the ones you don’t want.

What you do is you go through all their funko pops, if you want one you give it a green thumbs up, if you don’t want it you give it a red thumbs down and there’s also the option to say it’s already in your collection which is pretty cool.

You need to make sure you check the website regularly however because they’re always adding more pops and you need to make sure you tell them if you want said pop or not!

So far I’ve not got anything I haven’t wanted and to prove it I do YouTube unboxing videos, so if you’re bored or want to see what I’ve been getting every month head on over to my YouTube and don’t forget to like and subscribe so that you can watch them in the future!

What Subscriptions do pop in a box offer?

Loads! They literally have loads of options to pick from and they now have themed subscription boxes that are even better! There’s the pop in a box classic subscription which will give you random funko pops that you ask for and no set theme. However they also have loads of other themed boxes, I’ll add a little list underneath. I only go for the classic because I like to be surprised and I feel that having a set theme would ruin some of the fun for myself!

  • Classic Pop in a box
  • Marvel pop in a box
  • Disney pop in a box
  • Television pop in a box
  • Animation pop in a box
  • Movies pop in a box
  • Games pop in a box
  • Heroes pop in a box
  • Sports pop in a box
  • Star wars pop in a box
  • Game of Thrones pop in a box
  • Harry Potter pop in a box

As I said they have loads of different subscription packages that you can pick from, so you’re spoilt for choice to be fair! They also have a dorbz pop in a box and rock candy pop in a box but I don’t think I’ll ever pick one of them. I like to collect funko dorbz but not that often and I only like a select few if I’m honest.

How much are pop in a box subscription?

So the prices vary depending on how many you want every month. I must add that you’re saving money with every package but the more pops you have each month the more you save.

Now don’t be fooled like I almost was. When I first had a look I saw that there was a 12-month subscription so I was almost going to go for that until I realised it was 12 pops a month and not 1 pop a month for 12 months! So make sure you pick wisely and have space.

  • 1 pop per month = £8.49
  • 2 pops per month = £16.99
  • 3 pops per month = £25.17
  • 6 pops per month = £49.44
  • 12 pops per month = £84.99

You can see the savings when you calculate the funko pops are being £10 a funko. It just depends on how many you want each month and how much space you have to store them.

I currently do the 3 pops per month subscription but when I get a house I’m going to be going for 6 pops per month. You’re saving £16.50 (ish) every month, you know you’re going to get something you want and you’ll be able to grow your collection! How fun!

Also, remember with this link you’ll get 20% off any purchase over £30 so you’re saving even more the first time round!

What else do you get when you subscribe to pop in a box?

So there is actually more, not only are you getting some cool funko pops every month with a nice saving but you get access to a few other perks! While being a subscriber at pop in a box you’re going to get 10% off every single purchase you place.

I’ve just purchased a Harry Potter advent calendar which are limited edition and saved 10% and at the same time got cashback through topcashback so saved even more! that means I only paid £45 and not £50 for the calendar along with getting £4.72 from topcashback! What’s not to love!

At the same time, you also get exclusive access to a clearance list, which means you’re getting to buy discounted items; up to 50% off that others aren’t able to get.

On top of that you get 10% off because you’re a subscriber and money back when you go through topcashback! So how amazing is that! It’s well worth subscribing to pop in a box because of all the perks! Not to mention all the pop in a box exclusive funko pops that are coming out, you’re going to be able to preorder that and get 10% off that others can’t!

So far I’ve had no issues with pop in a box and I hope it stays that way! If you’ve ever had issues with them or multiply problems let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget to follow me on YouTube so that you can see what I get every month from them, so far I think chrome groot would have to be my favourite, I hear you can also get funko rides from them in the boxes but I’ve never had one of them; fingers crossed for sure!!

Pop In A Box A Funko Pop Subscription Service

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    1. They’re ace, I’ve heard some horror stories about them but so far I’ve been happy with them! You should totally try it out, use my link and I’m pretty sure you get 20% off when you spend over £30! 🙂

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