How To Take Better Care Of Your Hands – The Best Hand Creams To Use For Dry Skin

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I think it’s safe to say that hand care is important. With the last few years having to sing happy birthday every time we wash our hands like children, they can be left looking a little rough around the edges.

I am forever looking for new amazing hand cream products to use on my hands to damage the dry skin and leave my hands looking smoother and in better shape. I’ve tried quite a few, some I love and others I wouldn’t buy again that’s for sure. If you want some hand lotion suggestions, keep reading.

Most of the best hand cream products I’ve used are great for sensitive skin as well, my skin is very sensitive so I only use the best products on my skin. If you know of any I haven’t mentioned in this article, let me know in the comments or send me a message!

Side note, I am not a dermatologist but that doesn’t stop me from recommending the hand creams I like.

Are Hand Cream And Lotion The Same?

Hand cream and lotion are similar in that they are both skincare products designed to moisturize and nourish the skin. However, there are some differences between the two based on their formulations and intended use:

  1. Consistency and Thickness:
    • Hand Cream: Generally thicker and more viscous. It is designed to provide intense hydration and is often preferred for addressing very dry or cracked skin.
    • Lotion: Lighter and more fluid. It is suitable for daily use and can be applied to the hands and body for regular moisturising without feeling heavy.
  2. Ingredients:
    • Hand Cream: May contain a higher concentration of oils, butters, and waxes to provide a more intense and longer-lasting moisturising effect.
    • Lotion: Typically has a higher water content and may contain a lighter formulation of oils. It is absorbed more quickly into the skin.
  3. Intended Use:
    • Hand Cream: Often used for targeted treatment of dry, rough, or cracked skin on the hands. It may be more suitable for colder weather or when extra hydration is needed.
    • Lotion: Suitable for everyday use on various parts of the body, including hands. It is ideal for maintaining general skin hydration.
  4. Packaging:
    • Hand Cream: Often comes in smaller, more portable tubes or containers, making it convenient to carry in a purse or pocket for on-the-go application.
    • Lotion: Typically available in larger bottles or pump dispensers for easy application over larger areas of the body.

In summary, while hand creams and lotions both serve the purpose of moisturising the skin, the choice between them often depends on individual preferences, skin needs, and the desired level of hydration. Some people prefer the richness of hand creams for specific treatment, while others may opt for the lighter feel of lotions for regular, all-over moisturising.

Personally I like hand cream instead of lotion as it’s easier to use if I’m in a hurry and it stays on my hands for longer, especially the scent.

Can Hand Cream Be Used On Face?

While hand cream and face cream are formulated for specific purposes and skin needs, there are instances where using hand cream on the face may be acceptable. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and consider the ingredients in the hand cream, as some formulations may not be suitable for facial skin.

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Ingredients: Check the ingredients list of the hand cream. Some hand creams may contain ingredients that are too heavy or harsh for the more delicate and sensitive skin on the face. Fragrances and certain additives in hand creams may also be irritating to facial skin.
  2. Skin Type: Consider your skin type. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, the rich and heavy texture of some hand creams may lead to breakouts. Conversely, if you have very dry facial skin, a hand cream with moisturising ingredients might be more appropriate.
  3. Purpose: Hand creams are specifically formulated to address the thicker skin on the hands, which may have different needs than the more sensitive facial skin. Face creams often contain ingredients tailored for facial hydration, anti-aging, or specific skin concerns.
  4. Patch Test: Before applying hand cream to your face, perform a patch test. Apply a small amount of the product to a discreet area on your face, such as behind the ear, and observe for any adverse reactions like redness, itching, or irritation.

One hand cream that I use on a daily basis and is now my new favourite is the Skin Food from Weleda. Although it’s a skin food I use it more for hand care, it has to be one of the best hand creams for dry skin in my opinion.

Just make sure you don’t use too much as the smell can be overpowering and you might leave a greasy residue on your hands, if that happens you have used too much. It’s also a great product to target any dry skin patches on your body. I would say it’s easily my most favourite luxury hand cream products and you might just agree.

If you use this for dry skin and want to figure out how you can get rid of your dry skin, take a look at my article on how to tackle dry skin easily.

Weleda Skin Food

Can Hand Cream Go Bad?

Yes, like many skincare products, hand creams can go bad over time. The shelf life of a hand cream depends on various factors, including its formulation, ingredients, packaging, and how it’s stored.

There are several ways that you can tell if your hand cream has gone bad, if any of the below have changed then your hand cream may have gone bad! Take a look at the list below;

  • Change in Smell
  • Texture and Consistency
  • Colour Changes
  • Expiration Date
  • Mold or Spoilage

Whenever you use a new hand cream don’t forget to look for the tub on the back which will have a number, that’s the number of months you can have the hand cream open for before it starts going bad, personally I normally add a few months on top though as I keep mine around forever!

Is Hand Cream Good For Your Hands?

Yes, hand cream is generally beneficial for your hands. Hand creams are skincare products designed to moisturise and nourish the skin on your hands. Here are some reasons why using hand cream can be good for your hands:

  1. Moisturisation: Hand creams are formulated with moisturising ingredients such as humectants, emollients, and occlusives. These components help to hydrate the skin, preventing it from becoming dry and cracked.
  2. Preventing Dryness: The skin on the hands is often exposed to harsh environmental factors, including frequent handwashing, exposure to cold or dry air, and contact with detergents. Hand cream helps counteract these effects by replenishing the skin’s moisture.
  3. Softening and Smoothing: Regular use of hand cream can contribute to softer and smoother skin. It helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevents it from feeling rough or irritated.
  4. Nourishment: Some hand creams contain additional nourishing ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and plant extracts. These ingredients can provide extra benefits for the overall health of the skin on your hands.
  5. Cuticle Care: Many hand creams also help moisturise and care for the cuticles around the nails, preventing them from becoming dry, cracked, or prone to tearing.
  6. Anti-Aging Benefits: Some hand creams include ingredients that address signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. These formulations can help maintain a more youthful appearance on the hands.
  7. Enhancing Skin Barrier: The skin on the hands can be more prone to damage and dehydration. Regular use of hand cream can contribute to strengthening the skin barrier, providing better protection against external irritants.

It is however very important that you pick the right hand cream for you and don’t use just any hand cream. If you ever have any reactions to hand creams such as itching or rashes, stop using the hand cream and consult with a doctor if it gets worse.

How Long Does It Take For Hand Cream To Work

The time it takes for hand cream to work can vary depending on factors such as the specific formulation of the hand cream, the severity of dryness or skin issues, and individual skin characteristics. In general, you may start to notice improvements shortly after application, but long-term benefits often come with consistent and regular use.

It also all depends on the hand cream you use, there are tons of hand creams out there on the market so finding the best hand cream can take some time. It’s always important to check reviews and what others think about them first. If a hand cream has terrible reviews then you know it’s probably not going to work and you’ll waste your money.

Here are some considerations:

  1. Immediate Hydration: Hand creams typically provide immediate hydration to the skin. You may notice that your hands feel softer and more moisturised shortly after applying the cream.
  2. Short-Term Effects: Some hand creams are formulated with ingredients that offer short-term benefits, such as instant relief for dry or chapped skin. These effects can be noticeable within minutes to hours after application.
  3. Long-Term Effects: For long-term benefits, including improved skin texture, reduced dryness, and enhanced overall skin health, it’s important to use hand cream consistently over an extended period. Regular application, especially after activities that can dry out the skin, like washing your hands, contributes to sustained hydration and protection.
  4. Individual Variations: Everyone’s skin is different, and individual factors such as skin type, age, and overall health can influence how quickly you may see results. Some people may experience improvements more rapidly than others.
  5. Severity of Skin Issues: If your hands are severely dry or have specific issues such as cracks or irritation, it may take longer to see significant improvements. In such cases, consistent and patient use of hand cream is crucial for achieving the desired results.

If you’re looking for a fast acting hand cream that does the job nice and fast, leaving your hands smooth and smelling lush then I would suggest the Shea Hand Butter from Aviela. It smells devine, it works like a charm, it has to be one of the best hand creams I have used in a long time and most of the time I catch my husband using it and sneaking it back into my hand cream box!

The Shea Hand Butter from Aviela is on the more expensive side of hand creams but at the same time it does such a great job and you hardly have to use any as well, it pays for itself and your hands will thank you for it! It would also make an amazing stocking filler, I might just have to get my mum one!

Aviela Shea Hand Butter Hand Cream

Hand Cream For Men

I’m not too sure why there’s still a stigma around men using hand cream. I have at least 20 different types of hand cream in my office which I use on a regular basis as I’m always working with my hands for my job. There are tons of hand creams out there which are perfect for all skin types and any gender.

However, Hand creams for men are formulated to address the unique needs and preferences of men’s skin. While the basic goal of moisturising and nourishing the skin remains the same, these products may have scents, textures, and packaging that cater to men’s tastes.

I have the perfect hand cream that is made just for men! Benecos hand cream is made for men only and it’s a dream. It has a manly scent to it that any mans man is going to love, it makes the perfect stocking filler and it’s affordable. It comes in a 100ml tube which will last forever and it’s fast acting and heals the hands!

Benecos For Men Only Hand Cream

What’s A Good Hand Cream For Dry Hands?

There are many effective hand creams for dry hands on the market, and the best one for you may depend on your personal preferences and specific needs. It entirely depends on your preferences, if you’re looking for one that has a long lasting smell, a floral smell, one that is budget friendly or an expensive luxury hand cream to gift.

Take a look below at some of my favourite hand creams and the reasons I love them. If you’re looking for the best hand cream for dry hands, the ones below fit the bill.

What Hand cream Is Best For Eczema?

There are various hand creams on the market that are great for Eczema, it’s important to check the ingredients and product listing before purchase to ensure that the hand cream you have picked targets and helps reduce eczema.

One of the creams I love to use when I have an Eczema flare up is the Cream Come True from Skin: Genius. It’s formulated to target Eczema, it is enriched to the max with Shea Butter, Starflower & Chickweed to deeply moisturise and nourish and the skin reduces redness, inflammation, itching.

The Cream Come true is affordable compared to other creams on the market that tackle Eczema and you can use it on any part of your body, not just your hands.

Skin Genius Cream Come True Hand Cream

Is Hand Cream Vegan?

Not all hand creams are vegan, if you are looking for a vegan hand cream it is important to always check the ingredients and if the listing states it is vegan friendly.

One of my favourite favourite Vegan Hand Creams has to be the Evolve Organic Beauty Timeless Renewal Hand Cream. It’s 100% vegan, all of the ingredients are listed on the packaging and on their website. It smells great and does the job leaving my hands silky smooth.

It is on the higher price range but it works like a treat, you don’t have to use loads of it to get your desired outcome and it looks super lush as well, making it an excellent gifting option. Evolve Organic Beauty are known for making products that work and last.

Evolve Organic Hand Cream

Is Hand Cream Considered A Liquid When Flying?

In the United Kingdom, hand cream is generally considered a liquid when it comes to air travel regulations. The rules regarding liquids in hand luggage are similar to those in other countries and are often based on guidelines provided by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

According to UK airport security regulations:

  1. Containers Size: Liquid items, including hand cream, must be in containers of 100 millilitres (3.4 ounces) or less.
  2. Clear Bag: These containers must be placed in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, with a maximum capacity of 1 litre.
  3. One Bag per Person: Passengers are allowed one such bag per person.

This rule is commonly referred to as the “3-1-1 rule” or “100ml rule.” If your hand cream is in a container that meets these size requirements, you can carry it in your hand luggage.

It is always important to check with the airport you’re flying at in regards to their rules as airports may have differing rules. Always check this information before handing over your suitcase in case your hand cream needs to be transferred into your case. Hand creams can be expensive and nobody wants to have to throw theirs away when they can’t take it through security.

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