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Wrap Your Christmas Presents With Style!

Every year we use so much Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags that I’m pretty sure the great people of Britain don’t even think about what they buy. However, if you love gift giving as much as I do, you might want to start paying attention to how your dress up your gifts.

Have you ever looked at some Christmas gifts under the tree and thought, who wrapped that? Sometimes gifts under the tree just don’t look that appealing and come Christmas day, the magic can easily fade away and nobody wants that!

I have some nice little tips on how you can get the best looking gifts under the tree this year. I don’t actually wrap up myself, I get my other half to do the wrapping because I’m terrible at it. That’s how much I want the gifts under the tree to look amazing every Christmas, I let him do it! Although I still have to wrap his up however I do make up for it with other accessories that I’m going to talk about!

Ribbons and Bows!

If you’re terrible at wrapping up like I am, ribbons and bows can help hide that! Now I won’t lie, I get the other half to do most of the wrapping and that includes the use of ribbons! I have learnt a trick or two from him however and I use them to hide terrible wrapping, have you thought about using ribbons?

Bows can also have the same effect, although I wouldn’t suggest covering a whole gift with bows, it might not look that nice. A nice big bow on top however can elevate a gift and make it stand out. I normally use them on the great gifts that I can’t wait to see a person smile to as they open it!

You could also just cover the whole gift with tape if you want to have a laugh. This has happened occasionally in my family and it’s so much fun watching someone try to get into a gift and then finally ask for something sharp to help them out! I’d suggest not doing this on something valuable though!

You can pretty much buy ribbon and bows anywhere but I’d suggest going with the thicker and more durable ones so that they don’t break while you transport them!

Gift Tags!

So gift tags are everything in my humble opinion! The best Christmas gift tags can say so much. One year I got a load of sticker tags and I hated them. However, I’m not the wasteful type so I decided to use them anyway and I was not impressed. That’s why it’s so important to get the right gift tags!

This year I’m using gift tags that I got online from Aura Print. I have to say these Christmas gift tags are so amazing. I have used Aura print before and I love them. They do so many custom pieces and ready to ship pieces as well and I just had to say yes to these gift tags. They go with my theme this year and look stunning.

They have loads of designs as well so check them out. They beat the generic, boring gift tags that everyone can buy in the store. In a world full of people, be unique!

Wrapping Paper!

Now it’s super important that you use the best wrapping paper and stick with a theme! This year I’m going more sparkle and rustic, weird combination but it’s working for me. A lot of gifts are going into nice brown bags that we picked up in the January sales, always look in the sales!

The gifts inside are wrapped in some amazing wrapping paper as well. If they don’t fit in the bag I’ll wrap them up and use the gift tags that I got and make them sparkle. I might even add a bow or ribbon.

Cheap wrapping paper rips easily and might not look as good, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Look for great wrapping paper and bags in the sales after Christmas, they’re normally more than half price and that’s what we do every year. Also look in cheaper shops like Poundland and not Home Bargains where although they’re cheap, it’s still more expensive!

It’s even better if you can get wrapping paper that you can recycle because loads of wrapping paper aren’t recyclable and that’s just crazy in my opinion!

Christmas Wrapping!

Hopefully, my Christmas wrapping tips have helped out? If you have any tips that I’ve not suggested in this post, let me know in the comments and I’ll have to check them out!

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