Mothers day gift guide 2020

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2020

Some items in this gift guide have been gifted for inclusion

It’s that time of year again, mothers day is coming up! I hate it, every year I have no idea what to get my mum, she deserves her own island, mansion and a pot of gold, yet no one has that sort of money! This year I’ve put together a pampering gift guide, self-care is the focus and with the new trendy corona going around, self-care is on the top of the list!

Guylian Belgian Chocolates

If you’re not getting your mum chocolate for mothers day, well you might as well quit! I adore Guylian chocolates and I know my mum does as well, they’re super tasty, the perfect treat after a long day working and look amazing. You can order all the chocolate you want online, which means it’s delivered to your door and you don’t have to worry about going out and catching anything, it couldn’t get better! Check out the Guylian website for so much more!

A Great Book!

A book, in my eyes is a great gift. It’s the gift of the imagination and I’ve got two great books that you should consider for your mother this year! “Her Way To The Top” is the first of the two. If you’ve got an inspirational mother who keeps ongoing, this is the best book to give her that empowering boost to help her go further! The second book is “The Dreamer’s Odyssey”, helping your mum dive into her dreams, work them out and learn so much more than her sleep has to offer! Get your mum one of these and she’ll thank you, get her both of them and you’ll be her favourite!

The Quick After Work Cookbook

Keeping on the theme of books, I present a cookbook that makes a difference. The quick after work cookbook is full of easy and fast dinners that can be made so that when your mum gets home she doesn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making dinner, which I can imagine sucks! So don’t just get your mum a cookbook this year, get her a book that holds the gift of time within it’s pages! Thank me later!

Manuka Honey Pamper Kit!

At the moment everyone is talking about not only their mental health but also their physical health, so nothing is better than a pamper kit designed for the whole day! I love this manuka honey set, you have the hand wash your mum can use all day to keep her hands clean (very important at the moment!), the deodorant to keep her smelling amazing and the manuka body wash to was away and negative energy! The kit is all you need to put a smile on your mums face this mothers day so I’d give it a shot and see what she thinks!

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