Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020

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It’s that time of year again, what on earth do you get your dad on fathers day? The list is endless and yet nothing seems to fit for your dad, if you know what I mean then you should take a look at this list. You’ll find something for all dads in this list and if you don’t find something that your dad will love, well I really can’t help you and you should probably just get him an Amazon voucher!

Bluebeards Revenge Grooming Products

I love Bluebeards revenge and I can’t get enough of it! Why would I not want everyone else to love it and also recommend it as the best fathers day gift out there! If your dad still has hair he’ll love this tame and texture hair kit! If your dad likes washing his hands he’ll also love this Bluebeards revenge soap stack kit, I mean personally, I’m a huge fan of the soap stack and washing my hands!

Bluebeards Revenge Grooming Products fathers day gift guide

Kit’s Chutney Champions Thinking Of You Gift Set!

If your dad loves his food, loves to experiment and try something new, this might be just what he’s looking for! Chutney is one of the foods, I find that people either love it and can eat it with pretty much anything, or hate it and never touch the stuff! In my opinion, I love it and have to say these flavours are amazing. If you get the Kit’s Chutney Thinking Of You Gift Set, you’ll get the peanut chutney (my favourite!) and the red chutney. They both taste amazing and something your dad will love!

The Good Life Gardening Board Game!

If you or your dad have ever wondered what life would be like self-sufficient and growing everything you want yourself, this might be the way in! Play your way to the top and see if you can make it out in the big wide world on your own. Get your dad the good life board game and see who wins!

Lynx Car Fresheners!

I mean what man hasn’t had or doesn’t love Lynx? It doesn’t just have to be a Christmas staple for the teenager lads, it can be a pretty cool fathers day gift! Get your dad a Lynx car air freshener and make sure his car smells as good as he does! You can order the lynx car air fresheners from Halfords and they come in all shapes and sizes!

Hunter Evolve Supplements

So you might have a dad who is always on the go, never stopping and went mad when he found out the gyms were locked down during the pandemic? Here’s something he’s going to love. These supplements are going to help keep your father fighting fit and keeping in shape the way he wants. If he likes them you can always get him more for Christmas as well, check them out on the Hunter website!

Guylian Chocolate Box

I’m sorry but who doesn’t like chocolate? I remember my first memory of Guylian, they were proud sponsors of Food Network at winter time and also one of my dad’s favourite chocolates to eat and I get him some every year! If I was you, I’d start doing the same. They have a selection of boxes, to the individual chocolate, all the way to the grand boxes packed full! Did you know with every sale a portion of the profit goes towards Project Seahorse, a charity conserving the homes of seahorses everywhere!

A Blimming Good Book!

A Wash Of Black – By Chris McDonald

Chilling, captivating and totally thrilling! The book is an amazing read, any dads going to love getting this for fathers day and especially if lockdown is still going on! If you want your dad to have a long-lasting gift that he can revisit whenever he wants, this is the one.

Call Me Joe – By Martin van Es, Andrew Crofts

Did someone say 2020 in a book? I think we found it even if they didn’t! Is Joe all he cracks up to be? Is there a huge twist at the end of the book or maybe in the middle? I mean I’m not going to tell you but maybe you should find out from your dad once he’s read it after you get him it for fathers day that is! Seriously, get him it; he’ll thank you after.


As I said before if you can’t find something in this list that your dad might love, get him an Amazon voucher because he’s a lost cause! Personally, my favourite is the Bluebeards Revenge hair set, it keeps the hair looking on point and all men should be using it! Now get your dad some gifts for fathers day and get some brownie points!

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