4 Ways To Customise Your Blog

4 Ways To Customise Your Blog


Making a blog can be a long process and in this day and age, there are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there, most of them looking the same or similar to the next one. Which is why it’s so important to make your blog your own and have it stand out amongst the rest! This is one of the main things you need to remember when thinking, how to start a blog?

There are several steps that can be taken to make a blog your own, some are a bit more tricky than others but they’re all very worth it. when it comes to being a blogger, it takes time and a lot of effort; they say most bloggers quit within 6 months and give up so let’s make sure that’s not you!

Having Your Own Photos

This is something I found out about late in my blogging journey, my website was full of stock images that loads of people had already used in the past and it all looked very generic and the same as everyone else. I know that some people have a hard time taking their own photos but it’s super important to always use your own photos when you can, just to make your blog look more authentic. When it comes to blogger tips, this is one I can’t stress enough.

One way you can make sure your photos pop, have a dedicated photo area. Make sure there’s loads of natural light and you have enough room to move stuff about! It’s also important to have a good backdrop if you’re thinking about taking pictures of products, can never go wrong with a good backdrop!

You can get some really good photo backdrops from Amazon. They don’t cost that much and they make your photos that little bit better, I have a yellow one at the moment, it’s my favourite colour and I have to say it makes darker colours stand out more. Don’t forget, to pick a colour scheme it is very important. As you can see, I’m loving the backdrop I have and they’re great for gift guides!

Customise The Homepage!

The first thing that anyone will see when they land on your website is your homepage. You don’t want it to look like a boring website, make sure you customise it with everything that makes you, you! On my blog I have a photo of myself, which means the first thing that people are going to see is myself, already getting a personal feel.

You can have a play around with colours, the layout and even pop-ups if you really want to. I know that most people have a subscription pop up so that people sign up to their newsletter, try whatever works for you and looks great.

Use Different Fonts

Most blog posts will look the same, which is why as I’ve said you need to use your own photos, at the same time you can change the font to make it your own and make your post stand out from the rest. I found one of the best plugins on Fontsy.com and haven’t looked back since!

Fontsy is a WordPress font plugin and it’s super easy to use. You can change the font within your blog posts, which makes it easier to have a paragraph highlighted that you really want your reader to pay attention to, it may have an affiliate link or just a key bit of information, whatever the reasons you have; it’s great to have it stick out more!

Don’t Clutter

The one thing you don’t want to do is clutter your website. Adverts are great if you’re trying to make some money from your website, however, you don’t need 6 dotted around your homepage in the hope that someone clicks on one!

In fact, people are more than likely going to leave your website if it’s filled with adverts and spam. Keep it to a minimal amount, you never know you might see your earnings increase. Without the clutter, your website will look neater, more user friendly and attractive to people who are wanting to now stay on your website.


Let’s wrap this up, shall we? There are various ways you can make a website you own, put your own stamp on it and fill it with your personality; the thing is it’s important to get them all working on your website so that you can stand out of the crowd. It’s also okay to change your theme and the way your website looks from time to time, I find that one month I might be loving a crisp, clean website and another I want it full of colour and everything crazy!

So if you were wondering how to make a blog, how to start a blog or how to make a blog look amazing, hopefully, I’ve put enough starting information in this post to have you thinking. If you’ve already started your blog and you want to know more, take a look at my post on What Is DA Blog Score – How To Improve Your DA to really have your blog stand out!

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