6 Side Hustles To Make More Money - Earn At Home
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6 Side Hustles To Make More Money – Earn At Home

This year has all been about change for me, 2020 has been pretty horrible for most people so I decided it was the year I sorted out my debt. At the start of June 2020, I started with £10,497.87 worth of debt, this was spread over credit cards and shopping accounts. A little disclaimer, I’m not saying that I paid all this off with side hustles because that would be quite impossible.

I kept up with payments, I took the minimum payment and I double it on all my credit cards to make sure I was keeping ahead of the interest and I started with the smallest credit cards and paid them off first, using side hustles I could complete this even faster! I’m not here to talk about my debt though, I’m here to talk about the side hustles I used so let’s get started.

2020 seems to be the year of side hustles, it might have something to do with everyone being trapped inside for so long. Most of these methods are ways to earn at home and these are all side hustles to earn money. You might see “make money online” and think SCAM! I don’t blame you, I’d do the same but I’ve used these methods and they work so I’m happy to let you know.

Completing Online Surveys – Prolific Surveys

If you’re thinking, how to make money online? Doing surveys is the first port of call for myself. I’ve been making between £25-£50 a month doing prolific surveys, I’m not saying that’s what you’re going to make every month though, July 2020 I only made £15.40 which was one of my lowest months. If you want online surveys for money, Prolific surveys would be the place to start in my eyes. If you want a Prolific survey review, 4 stars in my eyes.

The payout takes a couple of days, you can have it sent straight to your PayPal without having to pay any fees and the only catch is you have to make £5 before you can cash out, which takes no time at all. Prolific is one of the best online surveys UK has to offer, it’s the only one I use and I can’t recommend it enough. So if you want online surveys that pays, you’ve found one.

Trading Books & DVD’s – Ziffit

Ziffit is essentially an app where you can trade-in your books and DVDs for money, like Music Magpie although you get a higher payout and that’s always been the case for me. This is one of the great side hustles at home because not only are you making money but you’re also clearing your home at the same time.

The problem with all companies that trade in book and DVDs for money is that you’ve got to find a good few gems to make a lot of money, which isn’t always possible to do. I always use the Zifft app as it’s easier to scan stuff right away and there’s not any faffing about and that’s how I earn money at home UK style!

Plum – The Money Saving App

Plum isn’t really a side hustle but it’s more of a save money at home or save money without realising it sorta thing. I’ve been loving Plum as soon as I started using it, at first I was very unsure about it but once I downloaded the Plum app I was all for it.

The app rounds up your purchases and saves the difference, meaning if you spend £0.98 it’ll save £0.02 for you. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it soon adds up trust me! It’s really easy to join up, just follow the Plum link and make an account. You could be saying hundreds a week and not even realising it, just like I did!

Side Hustles To Make More Money - Earn At Home

Blogging – Make Money Blogging

Blogging is a great side hustle, however, it takes time and a lot of effort. If you’re looking to make big money then you’ll have to put the time and effort in that it deserves. It’s not easy but there are ways you can advertise on your blog and use affiliate marketing to generate a steady income. You can also create content for others and do sponsored posting to make money, but like I said; it takes a while! However, if you want instant cash, go for the other options!

eBay – Selling Unwanted Stuff At Home

Just like Ziffit, you can make money from everything around you. If you’ve got unwanted items at home, stick them on eBay and make a few quid in the process! When making money on eBay with stuff you find at home, the best place to start is in the wardrobe, everyone has unwanted clothes that they no longer wear or doesn’t fit them anymore, stick it on eBay and make some money.

What I will say is, it’s not an easy process, you’ve got to take pictures, write up a listing and then once it sells you’ve got to post it out to the person who purchased it. However, it’s a great way to clear out clutter and make some dosh!

Matched Betting – Tax Free Winnings

Matched betting is a good way to make some extra money without having to pay tax on your winnings. Matched betting is super easy once you get your head around it and you can make a great deal of money over time. That being said you do need money to start it all with and on average I’d say £100-£200 so you’re playing the long game.

If you want to find out more information on matched betting I’d check out this handy post by KatyKicher “Getting started with matched betting – what you need!”. It’s full of useful tips and everything you need to get started!

Important Side Hustle Tips

Remember that some side hustles you will have to declare for tax reasons so make sure you check on that before you start. If you’re going to be doing these side hustles I would suggest getting a notebook and keeping everything written down so that you can keep up with everything you’re doing, have sections and write in as many details as you can so that you can keep up and make as much money at home as you can!

Allocate time each week to do certain side hustles, you don’t want to burn yourself out in a couple of days only doing one side hustle and not getting the results you want, make sure you have the time to try them all.

6 Side Hustles To Make More Money - Earn Money At Home

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