Mobile Apps That Give You Free Amazon Vouchers

Mobile Apps That Give You Free Amazon Vouchers

If you’re looking for free money you’ve come to the wrong place, if you’re looking for free Amazon vouchers for minimal effort, you’re in the right place! If you like a free Amazon gift card now and again I’ve got the best apps for you to use, with these apps you’re going to get a free Amazon gift voucher with minimal effort all year round!

I like to save my Amazon vouchers up for Christmas and the Amazon Black Friday event, when there’s loads of Amazon offers and Amazon deals all over their website on a whole range of products! With each of these apps, you have to do a little work, minimal effort and for your time you’ll give a free Amazon gift card code that you can use on your shopping!


If you’re looking for making money apps or apps that give you free Amazon vouchers, Shoppix is one of my favourites. All you need to do is upload pictures of your receipts to the Shoppix app every time you shop and you’ll get points. These points add up and when you hit a certain amount you’ll be able to claim them as Amazon vouchers, or PayPal credit if you prefer. Want to know more? Check this out, Cashing in on your used receipts with Shoppix!

Receipt Hog

Just like Shoppix all you need to do is upload your receipts every time you get one, however, the Receipt hog app is a lot slower. You’ll get fewer coins and it will take longer to get your free Amazon vouchers or free PayPal money. It’s still free money at the end of the day, I’d totally suggest still using the app just don’t hope for rewards fast. Find more information on the app here, Cashing in on useless receipts with Receipt hog!

Snap My Eats

I love the Snap My Eats app! In fact, they give you a £1 Amazon voucher for signing up which is amazing, you’ll also earn Amazon vouchers for all the food receipts you upload if you’re getting fast food or a garage meal deal they want the receipts. You earn Amazon vouchers each month depending on how many you upload and you could be making free Amazon vouchers each month with ease!

Job Spotter

The job spotter app is great for collecting amazon vouchers all year round without hardly any effort. All you need to do is take photos of staff wanted signs and the front of storefronts and you collect points, these points then add up to Amazon vouchers that you can take out at any time, great for saving up for Christmas.

Free Amazon Vouchers

They’re perfect for Christmas, I know that some people use them all year round but Christmas can be tough and we make sure to save them all up. I’d also suggest using TopCashBack as well to get money all year round on your purchases that you can turn into Amazon vouchers at any point. These money making apps are perfect if you’re on a budget or looking for a small extra income, you can also take the money out in PayPal if you wish, these are in my opinion, the best money making apps out there at the moment although I don’t know many other apps that make you money so if you know any do let me know in the comments.

Apps That Pay

If you’re looking for mobile phone apps that pay out there are a few out there, free money apps and apps that pay you can seem like a great idea but make sure you check them out first. Read the reviews that are out there and don’t pay any money upfront to these apps or you could end up losing it. That’s why I like the apps on the list because they don’t cost you anything in the first place and you can get freebies from it without spending out.

Mobile Apps That Give You Free Amazon Vouchers

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