10 natural anxiety remidies

Simple Natural Methods To Reduce Anxiety

If there’s one thing I know about anxiety is that it’s mega tough and can affect everyone in different ways. I suffer from anxiety every day and know how difficult it can be, that’s why it’s important to find natural ways to combat anxiety.

There are various anxiety coping mechanisims that can be used, I use some although not all of them work for me. It’s different for everyone and it’s all about trying what’s best for you.

Anxiety coping methods can be weird and wacky or really simple so that no one has a clue what you’re doing. You might recognise some of them and if so that’s great.

I’m not a medical professional so please don’t think this is professional advice. I will also suggest that if you need extra help relating to mental health issues, see your GP and ask for help like I did.

Anxiety Coping Mechanisms

Anxiety symptoms can occur in everyone and they manifest in different ways. No one is the same so it makes sense that people suffer from anxiety differently.

These are some anxiety calming techniques that I have used and others that I have tried, they didn’t work for me but they have worked for others. Give them all a go and see what you think.

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Anxiety Hand Fiddlers

That might sound weird, strange and not something that you want to even try but let me explain! This is a great anxiety exercise to do in public as well because no one will have any idea what you’re doing!

Have something in your pocket, an elastic band or something similar and fiddle with it when you start to get anxious in public. People don’t know that you have it and it will distract you from anything going on.

This isn’t one that works for me, I always find that when I’m in public I’m on my phone and listening to music so I’m not going to be able to fiddle with something in my pocket but it works for others I know.

Anxiety Calming Music

This is one that I love and it does wonders for me. If you’re looking and thinking about how to calm anxiety down, music might be the solution, it works for me.

We all have different tastes in music so you’ll have to find the bext anxiety method music that works for you, I like powerful and inspiring music to help with my anxiety as it calms me down and empowers me.

An anxiety disorder doesn’t mean that you’re trapped inside for the rest of your life, it means you need to find ways to fight anxiety and I feel that empowering music does just that!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a technique that helps a person to think differently and rationalise anxiety-induced situations to help overcome anxiety. It doesn’t work for everyone it’s worth a try and workshops are run by trained professionals who can give you the correct help and advice needed.

CBT for anxiety seems a little strange, to begin with, although you need to build up the skills over various sessions until you see a change, for me, I’m not patient enough to wait, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out.

Anxiety Meditation

Using meditation for Anxiety is perfect if you’re at home. I use meditation and yoga for anxiety if I need to syke myself up to go out and perform activities in public, for example a big shop surrounded by people!

You can also use anxiety meditation for sleep, if you’ve had a really difficult day and need to relax before getting into bed because you have a lot on your mind, meditation can be the best!

If you’re looking for an anxiety meditation app I’d suggest buddhify, it’s one that I’ve used for a while and it really does work wonders. If you know of any other anxiety apps, let me know!

Anxious Situations

Anxious situations can crop up at any moment and it’s alright to deal with anxiety, these natural methods to cope with anxiety will have you calm in any situation and help you to overcome the worst anxiety you can imagine. Just remember, everyone has anxiety.

I had anxiety when I first started university and I managed to overcome anxiety in that situation so I’m sure you can overcome anything! It’s easy to reduce anxiety once you understand how and you can help others to reduce anxiety at the same time.

12 Natural Methods To Reduce Anxiety
12 ways To Reduce Anxiety

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