Everything You Need To Know About The Cineworld Unlimited Card
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Everything You Need To Know About The Cineworld Unlimited Card

I had a cineworld card for a year until I gave up and finally cancelled it, for the first few months it was great and I was going 4 or 5 times a month, however as 2019 came into focus my cineworld card wasn’t getting used at all and I found myself paying out £17.90 a month on something I wasn’t using. I wanted to write this post so people could understand the cineworld unlimited card and get all the answers that I needed when I had it.

What Is The Cineworld Unlimited Card?

Well simply put with the cineworld card you’re able to get to the cinema and watch films for free. You can book either in the cinema directly, on the phone or online, give your cineworld card details and you’re good to go. However there are some restrictions, these depend on location and if the film is 3D or not. The card also gives you a discount on food and drinks sold within the cinema and other restaurants.

How Much Does The Cineworld Unlimited Card Cost?

At the moment the cineworld card cost £17.90 per month, which isn’t bad if you go to watch over 5 films a month because you’ve then at that point saved money at cineworld on all the films you’re watching. However, you have to take out a contract for 12 months and you’re unable to cancel the contract until the 12 months is over.

  • Monthly subscription excluding London west end; £17.90
  • Monthly subscription including London west end; £20.40
  • Annual subscription excluding London west end; £214.80
  • Annual subscription including London west end £244.80

What Do You Get With A Cineworld Unlimited Card?

Unlimited Cineworld Films

You’ll get to watch unlimited films every day, this doesn’t include 3D films. It doesn’t include 3D, Superscreen, IMAX, VIP, D-Box, 4DX, ScreenX and Event Cinema, however, if you’ve had the card more than a year they upgrade you to a cineworld unlimited platinum card and you can watch 3D films for free.

Cineworld Advance Screenings

You can be the first person to see a new upcoming movie with special unlimited member advance screenings. Unlimited customers are the first people to see new movies, the reason is that cineworld organises preview screenings in advance and there’s no time frame to how far in advance either. You won’t know what the film is until you’re there however so it’s all about luck. Be warned though cineworld preview screenings get booked up fast!

Cineworld Discounts On Food and Drinks

Cineworld Unlimited cardholders get 25% discount on food and drink across their restaurant partners. I will say though that the cineworld restaurant list has gotten smaller over the course of 2018, they used to have Pizza Hut on the list!

  • Bella Italia
  • Cafe Rouge
  • Las Iguanas
  • La Tasca
  • Belgo
  • YO! Sushi

You’ll also get 10% off food and drinks in cineworld with your basic cineworld unlimited cards, however, they did get rid of their tango ice blast drinks which were a big shame!

Premium Membership Cineworld Card

After the first year with your cineworld card, you’ll be upgraded to a Premium Unlimited Card, at no extra cost as well. The Premium Unlimited Card gives you 25% off food and drinks on every visit, unlike the 10% discount you get with a normal cineworld card and you’ll get unlimited 3D movies with it.

How Do I Cancel A Cineworld Unlimited Card?

It took me forever to find out how to cancel my cineworld unlimited card! If you want to end your cineworld card membership you’re going to have to phone them on the number below. There’s isn’t an option to date (2019) to cancel the membership online and you’re only able to do it over the phone which takes 10-20 minutes. This is the one part of the cineworld membership I hated the most.

Cineworld unlimited card number: 0330 333 4444 (charged at standard rate).


So you might be thinking, would I recommend a cineworld unlimited card? Not really. If you watch 5 or 6 films a month at the cinema it’s totally worth it, however, if you don’t have loads of time and only watch a couple a month it’s not really worth the money to be fair. Getting a discount at various restaurants is also nice but cineworld have a tendency to reduce the list as they did by taking away Pizza Hut in 2018, what’s worse is they didn’t inform their customers either so we found out while in the store paying for our food!

What’s worse is there’s no easy way to end your membership, not everyone wants to sit on the phone for ages to cancel the card, and then get a customer service agent trying to offer you some discounts or preferential rates to not cancel. ! When purchasing a cineworld card you need to look at everything that goes with the card, I know most people will just want to know how much is a cineworld card but there’s more to it.

Everything You Need To Know About The Cineworld Unlimited Card

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