Back To School Essentials For University Students

Some products in this post are gifted, all views are still 100% my own!!

With summer coming to an end it means back to school time for a lot of people, this is no different for university students. I will be going back to university in 2021 to do my postgraduate course in creative writing and publishing and that means it’s time to find some essentials to go back to university with.

Obviously, as a university student, there’s going to be a lot more you need to buy than if you were heading into secondary school! You’re not just starting a new school, for many students you’ll be moving into your own place, finding your own feet and making your name in the big bad world!

That being said, there will always be fundamental essentials that you’re going to need! A new bag, some pens to make sure you can take notes, a new wallet so you can lose your bank card 4 times a week! That’s why I put this post together, to help fellow students find their way! I’ve done it before and I’m doing it again so I thought I’d share some wisdom!

Back To School Essentials!

So there are certain things you’re going to need when you go back to university, to actually take with you into university. The normal things that a student is going to use every day, trust me you’re going to need them and you need to make sure you buy good quality essentials so they at least last the year!

Absolutely Bear Cedar Canvas Backpack

The first thing you are going to need when you go to university, a proper bag! I know some people really don’t care about their bags but for me, it’s the most important essential you’ll need when you go on your studies. Myself, I’ll have my Macbook, lunch, several books, pencil case, notebook and a few other bits with me so I need a decent bag!

This backpack from Absolutely Bear is one of the nicest bags I’ve ever had and trust me I’ve had quite a few bags during my time in education! There’s loads of room in the bag to fit everything you could ever need, it’s super comfortable when you have to lug it around all day and it looks amazing! You can buy yours here!

Absolytely Bear Cedar Canvas Backpack

SHO’s Water Bottle

So I don’t know about anyone else but I plan to be walking to and from university this year to get some more exercise in after lockdown and save money on the bus because they aren’t getting any cheaper. When I walk, I like to keep hydrated because lord knows I need it on my long walks!

In order to get my water fix, I need a good bottle and I’m not saying I may have dropped and destroyed my last one (accident of course) but what I am saying is SHO’s have some amazing bottles on their website to pick from and they are top quality and look amazing!

Due to yellow being my favourite colour and the best colour on earth, they kindly sent me a yellow bottle to try out and I couldn’t be happier with how it looks, functions and the overall quality! If you’re looking for a new water bottle for when you start university, look no further because SHO’s have you covered!

WaxWrap Beeswax Food Wraps

Does anyone remember when they were younger and whoever made their sandwiches would use plastic sandwich bags to store them in your lunch box? Well, they’re still in landfills exactly the same because plastic takes longer to degrade than an average person lifespan! Shocking right?!

That’s why I don’t use them anymore when it comes to my sandwiches and the stuff I bake! Instead, I’m using these amazing beeswax wraps, WaxWrap have actually made bags out of their wraps and you can use them for your sandwiches! I use the WaxWrap roll to cover cakes and cookies that I make.

If there’s one essential you really should use when you go into university, this is the one. It’s great for the environment, won’t clog up our oceans and landfills and it looks kinda cool as well! Plus saving the environment is sexy so get to it!

WaxWrap Beeswax Food Wraps

Bamboo Reusable Drinking Straws

When I’m at university I end up getting a Costa at least twice a week! I have a reusable cup that I use as I’m not throwing away a cardboard cup twice a week, what a waste! However I like to drink out of a straw, I tried metal straws and chipped my tooth! Glass straws scare me, however I think I’ve finally found the answer to my prays!

These bamboo straws don’t only mean I can finally be my spirit animal (the mighty Panda) and have a bamboo stick in my mouth but I can also enjoy my drinks without feeling guilty for throwing away single use plastic, I won’t hurt my teeth and won’t need to worry about removing glass from my mouth!

These reusable straws are really easy to use, they don’t have a bad taste and they are pretty much like normal straws. I’m not going to lie, you’ll need to get used to them first as they are strange to use when you first give them a go but once you get going, you’ll be a pro! They also come with a cleaning brush so they won’t get anything stuck in there!

New Home Essentials!

So moving to university can be tough, I found it really difficult and I didn’t stay in halls all that long before moving in with my now husband. That being said there were a few things that I found I needed after the first day and I’m not just talking about food. A big tip is keep sweets, treats and naughty stuff in your room!

Here’s a few things I’d suggest getting for when you start university, below are some favourites of mine, however you can buy similar products if you wish because being a student isn’t cheap!

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

So I know loads of people who just totally forget about soap, hand soap, soap to wash their dishes and so on. I also know people who forget their shampoo and have to order it off Amazon and it costs them a fortune, not anymore! Dr Bronner’s have just the thing every university students needs, multi purpose soap!

Not only do these soaps smell amazing but they also do a fantastic job! You can use them to wash your hair, clean your dishes and sing happy birthday when you wash them hands of yours! They’re organic and use fair trade ingredients, there’s nothing in them that’s going to make your skin react and if I was to recommend one in particular I’d say get the Cherry Blossom Pure-Castile Liquid Soap!

Wilkinsons Essentials

So I got a few things from Wilkinsons and they are bits that I think everyone needs when they move into their own place! For starters, if you’re going to be eating I’d suggest getting a cutlery set, after all, unless you’re very drunk I highly doubt you’ll be eating with your fingers!

You’re also probably going to be eating way too much or cooking more than you need, as I’m sure you weren’t the one doing all the cooking at home. Grab some of these 4 rainbow containers to store any leftover food that you’re making, you might just thank me when you need something to eat quickly before an early morning lecture! Oh and they’re only £1!

Wilkinsons also have loads of other bits on their website that any new university student will need when moving into their own place! Take a look at this dinner set that is to die for! You can also get this nice little bedside lamp to brighten up your room when you get in after a long night out with a kebab in hand!

Top Food Essentials!

I’ve said before, you’re going to want to make sure you take some pretty decent food with you when you move into halls. People will try and steal your food though so keep some in your room, maybe in the wardrobe like I did, that way you don’t have to walk to the kitchen for that midnight snack either!

This year though why not turn up with something a little more fun and out there? If you find something you might like I’d also suggest making a nice meal for your flat mates to break the ice, depending on if you’re a good cook or not, if not order a takeaway!!

 Idahoan Perfect Mash

So mash used to be so boring! Seriously, chop up some potatoes, mash it up and boom it’s done and ready to eat! Not anymore! Idahoan Perfect Mash decided to totally crush this gap in the market and do something that no one has bothered to do before, they made mash exciting!

I love the whole range of Idahoan Perfect Mash, I won’t lie their bacon and cheese mash is to die for and my favourite!! If you fancy impressing your new house mates this year, introduce them to perfect mash. I will also say their mash would work great on some recipes like this turkey cottage pie recipe!

If you’re off to university this year, do let me know what essentials you’ll be packing and if I’ve helped you to remember anything you may have forgotten, because let’s face it moving to university is stressful and you’re always bound to forget something!

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