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It’s Christmas time, it comes around every year and it’s a time of magic, wonder and spending time with family! I love Christmas, it’s the best time of year and to see my family and friends with a smile on their face because I’ve done something nice, that makes it all worth it!

Christmas growing up for me was all about two things. My mums Christmas dinner turkey and Santa! I believed in Santa longer than I probably should have and I’m fine with that. I have a younger brother and he still believes in Santa and no matter the age, I’ll always be doing my parents a stocking.

Every year I put together a Christmas children’s gift guide and help parents and everyone else to get ideas on what to buy for their children, that’s for Christmas day though. I don’t think many people take into account the magic that Santa brings.

I love that Christmas eve boxes are now a thing but I think parents can be doing so much more. If you have a child that likes a temper tantrum now and again, use Santa!

An example. My Aunty and Uncle both have down syndrome and they both still firmly believe in Santa even though they’re past 30 years of age. They still get told that they need to behave otherwise Santa won’t be visiting and still believe in the magic of Christmas thanks to Santa!

Letters From Santa

So we all know of the naughty elf on the shelf, I don’t much care for them I do apologise. I’m much more Santa orientated and that’s why I love the reindeer footprints on Christmas morning, leaving out mince pies and of course writing and receiving letters from Santa Claus!

This year I would totally recommend that you buy a letter from Santa for your children or relatives. I will be getting one for my Aunty, Uncle and brother and you can see them on my social media when they arrive as well. They really bring the magic of Christmas to life and make it so much more immersive!

If you get your letter from Lapland Letters they actually have an early bird offer at the moment. With every order which contains a Santa letter and number Santa activity pack, they’ll include a treat sheet, as well as an invitation to join the Lapland Elf Club! Plus free standards UK delivery, what’s not to like!

Christmas Day Santa Tips!

I remember when I was younger I woke up and saw “Santa” in the hallway. It’s a good thing I was half asleep or I’d have cottoned on pretty fast. So make sure you know what you’re doing!

I’d make sure you can get your child as sleepy as possible before bed, it means they’ll stay asleep even when you fall over and drop presents everywhere! Also less drink before bed or they’ll be up needing the toilet every five minutes and that’s not going to help anyone.

The biggest tip of all that I can give anyone who has to play Santa, eat the mince pies! Or whatever you’ve put out for Santa to enjoy! No child wants to wake up one morning to see that Santa wasn’t hungry and didn’t take his treats. Some alternatives in the place of mince pies, chocolates! You can put some roses or heroes out for Santa and he can take them and enjoy them when he’s delivering all the other presents!

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