The Avatars Triliogy By T. Tui Sutherland
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The Avatars Triliogy By T. Tui Sutherland Book Review

I’ve started something new and I love it, each month I’m bringing you something I’ve read. A little book review and some overall book summaries so that you can deicde if a book or several books are to your liking. Don’t worry lousnews is not with the rest of the book review sites but I just love to read and I thought for 2019 I would bring you something different each month, if you’re lucky maybe two a month but we’ll see on that one. I’m kicking off the new series with an amazing set of books from the amazing T. Tui Sutherland.

Now while I’m talking about the latests books the ones I read might be years old. The books I’m talking about today were actually first published in 2006 and that was just the first one. So I’m not talking about the next big thing on the market all the time, some classic books as well.

Tuibooks T. Tui Sutherland

One of the best writers I know. I’m fussy with books and I don’t real a whole bunch but I have to say the avatars triliogy Sutherland wrote had be hooked from the first time I read them. I first picked up the first book when I was 14, since I’ve read the triliogy twice and I can’t wait to forget about them for a little bit and pick them back up, enjoying the magic all over again. T Tui Sutherland also has a series of books that I hear are doing quite well called the wings of fire but I’ve not read them yet. The wings of fire books are something I might look at reading once I’ve graduated from university, but for now I’m going to stick to the avatars triliogy.

Avatars So This Is How It Ends Book One

If someone turned around to me and said, “do you have any book recommendations” I’d say this one in a heart beat. It’s so magical, there’s so much going on and just when you think you have stuff figured out, nope something new happens. It’s the perfect opening book as well into a triliogy as it makes you want to read even more. This is the book where the characters are introduced and you start to get a feel for what is really going on!

Avatars Shadow Falling Book Two

This is where it gets interesting! As the reader you start getting really involved with the characters and pick your favourites. I have to say though there are so many twists and turns my head hurt after a while. Trying to keep up and guess what the next move is, well that’s not possible. Whenever you think you have something figured out, it changes. To be fair that’s what makes it such a good read and I love it. The ending is a shocker but obviously I’m not going to talk about what happens, just know this book cliffhanger is the best!

Avatars Kingdom of Twilight

The Avatars Kingdom of Twilight book is a weird one. I have to admit it starts off a little slow, it soon builds up though. The thing is, this book took me the longest to read as I hate it when things come an end, however this is my second run through of these books so I’m sure there will be a third. The last book is packed full of action, at some points the characters are making terrible choices and you just want to shout at them through the book to stop! I’m not too sure why this book is so expensive on Amazon, however it is totally worth every penny! Still cheaper than university text books!


If you hadn’t of guessed these are my favourite books. Since the moment I got the first one out of the library when I was 14, all the way to my late 20s when I’m bringing you this post! They’re addictive and because so much happens in the books after a few years you forget half of it and it’s like getting all that magic all over again. I must say as well, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a sci fi geek like myself, you’ve found one. I remember when my older sister got me these books for Christmas and I was over the moon, so thanks sis! Also a big thanks to T. Tui Sutherland for these amazing books and I can’t wait to give the Wings of Fire books a read when I get a chance!

If you liked this book review and fancy seeing some more, check out my very new book review corner for some ace recommendations. If you have any books you think I’d love based on this one then just let me know in the comments and I’d love to give them a read and a review!

The Avatars Triliogy By T. Tui Sutherland Book Review

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