The Best Chocolate Ever – World Chocolate Day

I love chocolate, that’s not something I have to be ashamed of and neither should you. Let’s celebrate with World Chocolate Day! The thing is, I’ve taken it upon myself to try new chocolate that you won’t always find at large chain supermarkets and chocolate that’s a little bit healthier for you!

Take a look at all the amazing chocolate I’ve discovered on my delicious journey and find something new to sink your teeth into! You can thank me later.

Warrior Bars

You might be thinking that World Chocolate Day is going to kill your gym progress but that can’t be further from the truth. Warrior have some amazing chocolate filled bars that are high in protein and fibre and just the thing to enjoy on World Chocolate Day before or after the gym.

My personal preference has to be their RAW Protein Flapjack, the chocolate brownie one. I would quite happily live off them for a year if I could so if anyone wants to send me some go for it. They’re the perfect thing to have after one of my long walks and honestly, I can’t get enough.

Take a look at all of the Warrior Chocolate products and pick out something that suits you and fits into your busy life.

Russell & Atwell Fresh Chocolate

If you’re to try something different and especially tasty, Russell & Atwell has something you’ll need to sink your teeth into. You may have seen them on Dragon’s Den but that was only at the start of their journey. Since then they have gained popularity in the chocolate industry. They have several new flavours and I don’t know if you saw but their easter eggs are to die for.

You’ll need to keep their chocolates in the fridge as they’re made with fresh, creamy chocolate with only the best, high quality ingredients. They have a flavour to suit everyone and I’ve never been a fan of salted caramel chocolate but theirs has turned my head and made me crave them so you best believe I’m putting in an order for more!

Take a look at the Russell & Atwell website for more chocolate goodness!


It’s exclusively flavoured with carefully chosen and preserved cacao fruit pulp, sourced directly from the pod. There are no additional flavours, sugars, or sweeteners, guaranteed. We’ve also added some extra electrolytes, making it perfect for athletes and a healthier alternative to sugary beverages for children.

It might sound a little odd but it tastes amazing, doesn’t cost the earth unlike other similar products and it’s great for long travels.

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