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Should you get ODEON myLimitless?

You may have seen my post Everything You Need To Know About The Cineworld Unlimited Card, I thought I’d do one about the Odeon pass because I attempted at signing up for this and can’t say I had the best experience. If you type in google, odeon cinema near me you should get the closest one to you if you have your location enabled, that’s if you still want to sign up after reading this post.

Odeon myLimitless comes with a few loopholes that the company use in order to still get more money from you, this sucks but it’s something to be aware of when you sign up for myLimitless Odeon has to offer. The information below should help, if you have any questions about the Odeon myLimitless, please let me know in the comments and I’ll try my best to get back to you.

Odeon Cinema Information

There’s quite a bit of Odeon information in this post so if you need to jump to any specific please do use the easy table of contents above and get the information you need within seconds.

What Is Odeon myLimitless?

Odeon myLimitless is a subscription service where you can pay Odeon cinema a set amount each month and they will let you watch normal, standard films for free. That’s as many films as you want a month for free. You get a dedicated app that you can use, it’s a monthly or annual cost. There are some restrictions or reasons why you might be paying more than others and I’ll tell you why.

How Much Does Odeon myLimitless Cost?

Currently, the cost of the Odeon myLimitless is £14.99 a month, which is cheaper than Cineworld which costs £17.99 a month. However, you do have to pay an extra £2 per month if you want to include myLimitless with West End cinemas as well. You are unable to cancel your contract within the first year, however, you do have the option to cancel the subscription within the first 14 days, that is if you haven’t used your subscription yet.

As you can see from the figure below, you can pay for the Odeon cinema pass for the who year making it cheaper or you can set up a monthly direct debit. It all depends on if you’re looking for how much does myLimitless cost for the year or if you want to know how much does myLimitless cost monthly as to what option you go with. It is cheaper to get it for the year. There are sometimes deals on Odeon prices and also lowered minimum contracts so keep an eye out for them.

  • Monthly subscription excluding London West End; £14.99
  • Monthly subscription including London West End; £16.99
  • Annual subscription excluding London West End; £170
  • Annual subscription including London West End £193

Odeon myLimitless Hidden Costs

With most things in life, there’s a hidden cost and Odeon is nothing different. We found this out when we got Odeon myLimitless for the BH2 Odeon. You have to pay an extra £2 per ticket when you book a recliner seat, which you might think is fine. However, the Odeon Bournemouth cinema only had reclining seats in the whole cinema which meant you had to pay every time you booked.

So you might be thinking, is Odeon My Limitless cheap? The answer is yes and no. If you have to pay £2 per ticket every time on top of your monthly cost, it can soon add up. Make sure you check your cinema before you sign up. The Odeon BH2 cinema is one cinema that has this issue.

What Do You Get With Odeon MyLimitless

In this day and age, we want as much as our money can get and that’s understandable. Going to the cinema has quickly become a luxury and it’s not a cheap day out either. You do get perks with the Odeon Mylimitless membership but again not as much as Cineworld, there aren’t any discounts on shops or restaurants at this current moment in time but that might be added in the future.

Odeon myLimitless Food and Drinks Discount

You do get a 10% discount off Odeon food and drinks, however, this discount only applies to certain selected food and drinks sold in your Odeon cinema, so make sure you know if you’re getting that discounted because we all know, cinema food and drinks are not cheap.

Odeon Exclusive invites to see films before they’re released

You will get invites to see the newest films either before they’re released or on the release date so that you can see them before everyone else. This is cool, a nice perk to the Odeon Mylimitless membership. However, it’s not something that’s a selling point for me, unlike the discounts and perks.

Odeon App

You get the Odeon app that you can use to keep track of your membership, it also allows you to see what the latest films are and it’s how you can book your tickets. However, be warned that if you book a ticket and you miss more than two screenings without cancelling, Odeon do have the right to charge you for these missed tickets, as per their T’s & C’s.

How Do I Cancel Odeon MyLimitless?

It depends, do you have enough hours in a day? The Odeon team were very difficult to get hold of when we had issues. You can contact them through Twitter and you will normally get a response within a day or two. You can also send them an email, this takes longer and is the least effective way of getting any help from Odeon.

How do you cancel Odeon limitless? Call the Limitless customer service line on 0333 004 4411.

How Can I Be A MyLimitless Member?

If you want to become an Odeon my limitless member, make sure you do it through their website. If anywhere else is getting you to sign up it may be a scam. There have been scams where people who are already members have had texts asking them to update their payment information for example. Always go through the Odeon Website or the Odeon App.

Is Odeon My Limitless worth it?

It depends. I would say yes it’s worth it, as long as you don’t have to pay the extra £2 a month for the West End cinemas and as long as you don’t have to pay a further £2 per ticket like you do if you use the BH2 Odeon. So based on not having to pay out Odeon hidden costs, I’d say that I recommend the Odeon My Limitless membership. I would also say though that you need to make sure you have the money there to pay for it and never get into debt for reasons such as going to the cinema.

I would also point out that I get the question, is it illegal to take food into the cinema? No, it’s not illegal and I encourage people to do that because cinema food is expensive and you can save yourself within the region of £10-£20 and that’s from figures that I’ve looked at myself when I’ve gone to the cinema. However, the cinema Tango ice blasts are amazing.

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