Life can be difficult! Make sure you have ways in your life so that you can save time and money. My life is full of different ways that I save and I thought it’s about time I shared some of the funny advice I have been given along the way! Hold onto your hats because some are so genius your might end up speechless!

1, Fed up of boiling water all the time to make pasta? Boil a few gallons at the start of the month and freeze some of it for later on!

2, Tired of buying lipstick? Use crayons! I bet you’ll look amazing and if they’re scented you can smell amazing at the same time!

3, Get yourself a gym membership, this way you can exercise and never have to shower at home again; save money on them water bills!

4, Return all gifts you’re given, and find them cheaper online or in sales, just remember to tell your family to include receipts ‘in case you already have it?’.

5, Use old crisp packets as wrapping paper for gifts, I’m sure any wrappers will do depending on your gift right?

6, If you have children, send them to their friends around dinner time. Cut them food bills down!

7, You could also hang onto the outside of a bus so you no longer have to buy tickets? Hold on tight!

Ready for a few more? Of course you are!

8, If you’re going out, turn your doorbell off to save on electricity bills. You won’t be home so no harm there!

9, Valentines day tip, if you want to save on a gift; break up….. You can always try and get back together in a few days, right?

10, The quickest way to double the money in your wallet, fold it in half and watch the investment grow!

I really hope these tips have helped, if not I hope they put a smile on your face and have brightened up your day a little. Some of them really are funny! Don’t forget to pass on these amazing, helpful tips to your friends and family and brighten up someones day!

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