Foods that cause anxiety

Foods That Cause Anxiety

When it comes to food and anxiety they both play a big part in my life and I’m sure it does for everyone else as well. Anxiety and food go hand in hand in my life and that’s not always a good thing, when I get anxious I will eat and I’m not always eating the correct food and it makes my anxiety worse. That’s why I needed to start looking at foods to avoid anxiety and the best foods that help with anxiety. To the point, I wrote a post where you can find the best foods that reduce anxiety.

When putting together an anti anxiety diet I make a habit now of avoiding any foods on this list, I mean it’s nice to sometimes indulge when I’m feeling stable but for the most part if I’m putting together the best diet for anxiety I will avoid these foods, even if I hate doing so. Here’s a list of foods that cause anxiety which I avoid! It’s always good to know the food that cause anxiety list for when you’re putting together a meal plan as well.

Foods That Trigger Anxiety


Caffeine comes in all shapes and sizes, not just coffee although coffee is one of the worst. Regular soda also contained caffeine and also a high amount of sugar, both can cause anxiety and nervousness to rise. Caffeine also causes serotonin production to decrease and can be linked to causing depression. In fact, a recent survey showed that people who drunk coffee daily experiences twice as much stress! If you want anti anxiety drinks, don’t have caffeine! Avoiding caffeine means avoiding soda, energy drinks and loads more, not just coffee.

High Sugar Foods

Any foods with high sugar content are bad for anxiety! That means chocolate, ice cream, sweets and anything bad is out the window, which I know sucks! When it comes to food for anxiety I’d suggest switching to food with low sugar or sugar free sweets, sugar makes you feel sluggish and can result in a lower mood. Sugar free sweets also help sort your stomach out, if you get my drift!

Foods that cause anxiety, sweets can cause anxiety

Processed Foods

Processed food has a lot of preservatives, sugar and other nasty bits are thrown into them to ensure they last longer, none of this is good for anxiety so avoiding processed food is key. In an ideal diet and anxiety free lifestyle, you’ll have no processed food, however, that’s not always possible as well all know. A suggestion would be to try and cook more with fresh food and if you need to add processed food, keep it to a low quantity. When it comes to foods to avoid with anxiety it would be great if they weren’t all the cheap foods but sometimes fresh food can do the world of good, for anxiety and your body overall.


Probably an obvious one, I know a lot of people who think that drinking gives them confidence but for most people alcohol causes anxiety and can be a huge trigger. Drinking can make people panicked and anxious and in a state where they’re unable to react normally and can blow situations out of proportion. I’m not telling everyone to stop drinking, just make sure you’re around people who care about you and you trust. If you’re going to drink make sure you’re sensible and don’t overdo it. When it comes to food that causes anxiety I don’t think most people consume alcohol daily but it’s one to look out for.

Food That Causes Anxiety and Panic Attacks

If you’re looking at how to deal with anxiety starting with changing your diet is a big thing. It can take time and I wouldn’t suggest doing it all overnight as you’re more likely to fall back to old ways. If you’re looking at how to control anxiety it’s not that easy, anxiety can crop up at any time but changes like food habits can help to relieve anxiety.

If you’re after anxiety coping methods I’d suggest putting together the perfect anxiety comfort box, I put one together each year and they work wonders! Always remember to avoid food that causes anxiety in your daily routine.

Foods that can make anxiety worse!

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