Foods That Reduce Anxiety

Foods That Reduce Anxiety

Now I’m not an expert on anxiety, but food is said to help reduce anxiety and I want to talk about food that reduces anxiety and how I found them to be. It’s said that high protein diets can be great for reducing anxiety so I tried some various foods and tried to see if they had any impact on my mood and anxiety.

You wouldn’t think that food and anxiety go hand in hand but food does have an impact on how we think and feel. Anxiety and food play a bit part in our lives so it’s only natural to sort them both out. Here’s the food anxiety-reducing list and what I thought.

Anxiety Reducing Food


Berries are a great replacement for sugary foods. When we become anxious our body needs vitamin C to help repair impacted cells in our body. Berries are tasty and have the vitamin C that we need. Having berries instead of sweets has great benefits for the body. Having sugary sweets can slow down the brain and can cause anxiety. I prefer blueberries.

Natural ways to reduce anxiety, foods that help combat anxiety, anxiety reducing foods. Berries help with anxiety.
Anxiety reducing foods, berries help to prevent anxiety.


When it comes to foods for anxiety help nuts are one of the best, especially almonds. Nuts are full of magnesium and studies have shown that magnesium can help reduce anxiety. They say to swap cookies for nuts, however, if you still prefer a sweet craving try and make sugar free cookies with added nuts.


I think everyone in Britain will understand what I mean by tea, the drink! Sitting down and having a cup of tea will give you a chance to relax, take your mind off of the issues and some flavours can be more calming than a normal cup of tea. Try a lavender tea or a chamomile tea. When it comes to foods that help with anxiety tea is my favourite!


Avocado is high in magnesium and vitamin B6 which help with serotonin production in the brain. Adding avocado into your diet can help with both mental health and health. Avocado is full of fibre and healthy fats, so maybe think about adding some to your salad or omelettes when you’re in the kitchen, think of it as an anxiety diet change, change your diet, eat better and feel better.

Natural ways to reduce anxiety, foods that help combat anxiety, anxiety reducing foods. Avocado help with anxiety.
Avacado can help reduce anxiety, anti anxiety foods such as avocado are also good for a healthy diet.

Pumpkin Seeds

Just like Avocado, pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium, along with potassium as well. If you’re looking for anti-anxiety foods for your diet, I’d try pumpkin seeds. They’re also a healthy alternative to snacking on crisps or chocolate and a lot cheaper.

Milk and Yoghurt

Both milk and yoghurt have key minerals that can help to stabilise moods and can help with symptoms of anxiety and stress. I can’t partake in dairy so it’s not in my best diet for anxiety however the other half has it in his anti-anxiety diet.

Best Foods For Anxiety

When it comes to foods that reduce anxiety I feel it’s all a guessing game. Studies have been done on foods for depression and anxiety but nothing is set in stone. It’s a case of finding the right foods that help you, maybe you don’t have enough magnesium in your diet and that’s something you need to work on. Don’t take everything for granted, however, try stuff out and see how it works. If you’re looking for natural remedies for anxiety however trying different food might be the way to go.

The great thing about natural anti-anxiety foods is they don’t have to cost a fortune. If you do your shopping in Aldi you can pick up everything listed above for a fraction of the price than somewhere like Asda or Tesco. I thought to have foods good for anxiety was a laugh at one point, however, I must say a nice cup of tea does me the world of good. I’ve heard people ask, can dairy cause anxiety, this all depends on how you’re having it.

Let me know if there are any foods that reduce anxiety that you have on a regular basis or if any of the anxiety-reducing foods on this list work for you, I’m always looking for other natural ways to combat anxiety, stress and depression.

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