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Mental health is a life long condition that isn’t going away anytime soon. Most people take medication to help with their mental health, just like someone who has constant migraines might. However it can soon add up and become too expensive. With prescription prices now at £8.80 an item it can soon add up! For me a month worth of medication for my mental health would cost £17.60 and that’s just unreal. Of course at the moment I’m on other medication which would actually take my monthly bill to £35.20!

That being said I don’t have to pay for my medication thanks to my student exemption, although I’m not sure how long that’s going to last! Either way I need to know what steps I have to take for when I leave university, which is why I’ve looked into it and I’ve decided to write this post so that other people in the same position as me are well informed on what they need to do.

Within the UK we have something know as Prescription Prepayment Certificates (PPC). I’ve not had one yet myself although my partner has and it worked a treat when he needed to take a large amount of medication over a year. They work and they save you money which is the main thing.

PPC Payment Plans

There are two PPC that you can take out, these vary on terms. You have the three month term or the 12 month term.

  • Three-month PPC – £29.10
  • 12-month PPC – £104.00

The three month term will only save you money if you need more than three prescribed items in three months, however the 12 month term PPC is the one I’d recommend. If you have more to take medication each month £8.80 is going to cost you £105.60 a year, with the 12 month PPC you’re already saving £1.60 which doesn’t seem like much but if this is ongoing it will soon add up!

Then lets take into account other infections, say you have a chest infection and an ear infections which is two lots of antibiotics, that takes the year total up to £123.30. You can see how the 12 month PPC can save you money all year round, after all you never know whats going to happen to make you need medication.

PPC is the one thing I’ll be making sure I have as soon as I leave university, without my medication I’d not be able to keep my mental health under control and I’m sure it’s the same with other people. PPC is a monthly direct debit, although only for 10 months at £10.40 per month. So although it might seem like a hassle it really isn’t. You’ll get a card and a number so the pharmacy will know you have PPC as well.

It’s super easy to apply as well, just follow this link. I’ve had issues in the past with prescriptions, not having enough money for them and having to wait until I could get them. I know that when I have PPC I’ll be able to just go and get them without having to worry and I hope that other people can be in that situation as well!

Paying Long Term Prescription Prices With PPC ~ Mental Health



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