Mental Health Sick Day, Money Lost? Know What's What!

Working with mental health

Going into work with mental health issues can be terrible. You won’t be able to function and you’re not going to do your job the way you or your boss expects. So when is it okay to take a mental health sick day? There’s actually a lot of taboo around taking a mental health sick day and if it’s actually allowed? The last thing you want is to be unable to perform the best at work, you don’t want your boss to say that they notice you feeling down or doing less work because it can have a further knock on effect to your mental health.

Mental health sick days

So according to law, the BBC and other news sources there’s no difference between a normal sick day and a mental health day to your work place. You’re unable to function within your job and carry out the duties that are expected of you. Would youre work rather send you home as you’re unable to function? I doubt it.

If you’re confused about mental health sick days, what actually qualifies and what to do then take a look at this link. Yes it’s a fit for work article and although I hate everything they’re doing at the moment the advice they give is still recognised and what goes for the moment.

So taking that into account and the fact that you can have a mental health sick day there’s something that needs to be cleared up. Most work places in the UK need you to be off for more than 5 days until you can get sick pay. You might even need a doctors note. Thankfully mental health is a big thing which is finally being taken seriously in the UK and doctors are happy to help, mine is amazing.

So you’re able to take time off for mental health. If you take more than 5 days off and need more time off you’re going to be able to get sick pay and it’s important that you go and talk to your doctor about it because suffering from mental health long term can be damamging for your health and your finances if you’re having to take time off of work.


At the same time if you’re worried about everything and you have a good relationship with your boss or HR consultant at work then maybe chat with them, find out where you legally stand and find out how supportive they are. The same can be said in an interview. When they ask you if you have any questions ask them their opinion and company policy for mental health or bullying and get a feel of how accepting the company really is. I have to say it’s important to make sure you’re fine all year round. Even more so at festive periods, mental health can be put through it’s paces at Christmas time, if you want to read more on that check out this ace blog post from Broke girl in the city and be well at Christmas time!

If you fancy checking out my other mental health posts for more advice and posts then please follow this link. Remember if you’re having problems with mental health there are loads of people you can chat to. The one person I recommend you do talk to is your doctor as they can signpost you everywhere you need to go and they’ll get you the help you need.

Mental Health Sick Day, Money Lost? Know What's What!


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