Perfect Ways To Decorate Your Own Trick Or Treat Bags For Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching and after the years we’ve had, everyone wants to get out there and I don’t blame them! However, run of the mill costumes and trick or treating bags can be so boring and it’s time to mix it up and have fun at Halloween! So I’m here to tell you about different ways you can have an amazing Halloween this year!

I love seeing people with amazing, out there costumes and not the same boring stuff you can pick up from your local supermarket every year without any spice or variety! If you’re looking for some amazing homemade Haloween costumes, there are loads to pick from!

Trick Or Treating Bags

A big thing about Halloween, if you’re a child is going trick or treating. That being said you don’t want to be buying a pumpkin basket every year, it’s a waste of plastic! Who wants to spend £3 on a trick or treating bag that’s going to last one night? It’s time to get savvy and eco smart when it comes to Haloween and one way to do that is to make your own bag!

The first step is to buy your own canvas bag, one that you can print on or heat press vinyl onto. They can be really inexpensive and you can find them pretty much anywhere, you can also get good deals if you buy in bulk which is always a plus. Once you’ve got your bag the next steps are simple, even more so if you’re a crafter!

You can decorate the bag however you want, there are two ways I would suggest doing the decorating though. Sticking bits to the bag isn’t going to work unless you only plan to use it for one night. The first way to decorate the bag I would suggest is by drawing or painting it with waterproof paints and pens! This way you can wash them if needed.

The other way would be to use a Cricut and heat press to decorate your bag! You can decorate it any way you want, with fancy signs, pictures and fonts. Halloween fonts, Halloween pictures and more are easily found online and don’t cost a thing if you know where to look!

Having Fun For Halloween

It’s important to have fun at Halloween, make your own stuff, give out loads of treats and decorate your house and porch so that people are welcomed. I understand some people don’t enjoy Halloween and aren’t there for trick or treaters and my only advice would be to make sure you have signs so that people are aware of this!

Don’t forget to carve them pumpkins and bring them in the next day, don’t want them going mouldy or worse, someone using them as a football!

Horror stories around trick or treating are vast. I’ve got a few and this is why people don’t trick or treat anymore! Bring some magic back! Make your own bags, costumes, decorate and have fun this Halloween!! If you’ve made your own bags, let me know in the comments, I would just love to hear all about them!

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