So I’m the type of person who will see the sign “buy one get one free” and end up buying 5 just so I can get 10! If you are like me you may have a cupboard full of toiletries that you haven’t used and ended up buying in the January sales. I mean I wouldn’t class myself as a hoarder but I love a good bargain and I love to save money.

The only problem is that I end up having the extra stuff for months, sometimes years. Which is when I came up with no spend November. A time when I can use up everything that happens to be filling my cupboards. First of all I needed to go through my cupboards though and that as quite a task in itself.

Does anyone end up filling their bags with little bottles of shampoo and shower gel when they go on holiday? That’s a thing right, it isn’t just me who does that? Well I had tons. You can check out some pictures I decided to take to illustrate my point.

Not only do I have loads of minis I have loads of everything else. I mean you don’t stock up on everything so don’t start this mission if you know you only have a little bit of toothpaste left, you don’t want to be brushing your teeth with shower gel for the rest of the month!! If like me though you seem to have everything you are going to need for the month in supply, time to get using. I have tons of toothpaste, imperial leather and as I pointed out before minis.

I want to point out that I might get a bit of stick for this, various reasons as well. People saying that I should donate it and not hoard. Well for starters every Christmas time I send a box to the Russel trust full of everything needed, I do my part. Secondly people will say I shouldn’t be buying that much if I don’t need it… Everyone loves a bargain and I’m going to make sure I get enough to keep me going, it’s not my fault another equally decent bargain shows up a month later!


So some people might be thinking why?! Why should I bother doing this I mean I’ll use it when I’m good and ready. Well this is a little thing to do for the people who won’t get around to using it because like me you just end up buying more. At the same time it’s an excellent money saver. Find out what you normally end up spending on toiletries every month and put it away, buy something for yourself; doesn’t matter just enjoy the money saved.

The other reason I love doing this, it’s Christmas in a month. The one thing you are bound to get at Christmas are toiletries and you’re going to need room for them. If you have a bathroom stocked up with all the bargains you have been getting throughout the year the presents you are going to get will end up on the bedroom floor. Trust me, been there!

Want to take it one step further. This probably only works for students or someone in an equal situation who will go home at some point in November. Most students will have a reading week when they go home and see the family. If you end up visiting a few family members houses, pick up a toilet roll on your way out. They probably won’t mind but maybe double check, depending on the relationship you have with your family I guess. It means you won’t be paying for toilet rolls in November as well!

So there you go, I’ve parted all my wisdom and knowledge on you as brief as it is. Hopefully you’ll be able to do your own no spend November and save a bit of money before Christmas. I mean you could even get your loved one something nice for Christmas with the money saved? If there’s a special guy in your life maybe check out this awesome star wars razor!

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