Orignal Xbox Games Needed On Backwards Compatibility!

Orignal Xbox Games Needed On Backwards Compatibility!

I’m a life long xbox fan, which is weird because when I was younger I begged my parents for a playstation for Christmas and instead I got an xbox. I thank them now of course 15 years later! However xbox has always been flawed in the respect that you couldn’t play your games on the next console that was released, meaning you had to buy another console to go with the one you already had and then the new games. In the end you are left with a stack of games and a few different consoles, it’s not ideal!

Now xbox woke up a back in 2015 xbox decided to start making some xbox 360 games compatible, although they did state that this would be gradual and not be overnight, meaning some fans had to wait for their games to be added to the list. Some famous games that quickly got added were the Mass Effect games and the epic Dragon Age games!

In 2017 however xbox started to make xbox original games backwards compatible! Which is great news for fans, such as myself who don’t want to pay mega high prices for consoles that are now classed as vintage. However xbox also let us know that this list would also be updated slowly and they wanted to focus on new games and updates while staying loyal to their loyal fans.

However after 10 months the list hasn’t grown all that much. If you want to check out the list I’d suggest taking a look at this well put together one just here with frequent updates by Eurogamer! Although the list might be growing slowly, there are still LOADS of titles that aren’t on the list and it’s about time someone spoke up and gave a list of games they want to see on the list, that person is me!

I’ve got a whole stack of original xbox games that need dusting off so I can dive back into them. Remembering the times when it wasn’t all MMO and micro transactions. When gaming was fun with a strong campaign and difficult challenges to actually overcome. So here’s the list!

  • Lord of the rings, fellowship of the ring.
  • Lord of the rings, the two towers.
  • Lord of the rings, return of the king.
  • Shrek 2
  • Buffy the vampire
  • Buffy the vampire, chaos bleeds
  • The bard’s tale
  • James bond 007: nightfire
  • Ghost recon: island thunder
  • Deus ex: Invisible war
  • Alias
  • Pirates of the Caribbean

Anyone else think that list rules? I’ve just found out that Star Wars Republic Commando is now on backwards compatibility which rules as it’s the only Star Wars game that I could agree with on the whole franchise, we all know the current loot box issues! In my opinion the original games rules, the 360 games were good but the xbox ones game are totally lacking, I mean I’m the biggest mass effect fan out there but Andromeda? No wonder they dumped it a few months after release!

Do you agree with the games up there? Are there any games that you think should be on the backwards compatibility list or are you quite happy with paying a fortune for the new games they’re brining out these days? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments and make sure you keep checking that backwards compatibility list for new updates!

Orignal Xbox Games Needed On Backwards Compatibility!

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